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      Insert catchy title here.......
    A week ago, I was questioning why, and a day ago, I was wondering how the World Series could be so anti-climatic. Both of those questions were answered last night.
    It sure felt anti-climatic last night, at least until about the 7th inning. About then, I started to realize that Derek Lowe had just become the answer to a trivia question (the good kind). Soon after, it really started to sink in. Daresay, I was confident?

    When the outs remaining could be counted on one hand, it really started to sink in and I said to myself, 'Self! You need to get to Kenmore Square!'

    After a quick walk down Comm Ave, through an endless (un-armed) army of Red Sox Nation, I realized exactly why I follow this team so closely. I realized why I haven't taken a day off (offseason included) from this team since the late 80's. Being around the fans last night made everything worth it, knowing my irrationality about a kid's game is shared by countless others.

    It's an atmosphere and a solidarity I've only felt at Boston sporting events and punk shows, with everybody there for the same purpose, and everybody there for those around them.

    We don't follow these teams for the results. The results may make the journey worthwhile, but we follow these teams to become, be around, and be comfortable with intimate strangers. I was with them last night, and despite what people will tell you about riots and tear gas, there were thousands of people out last night with only one intention in mind, to celebrate the greatest sporting acheivement in their lifetimes.

    For the most part, the celebration was subdued, at least in terms of random violence and vandalism, but when I saw two knuckleheads (in the words of our mayor) running down the street with no shirts on, American flags around their necks like capes, yelling "Hold the Line!" I knew it was time to go. My friend Corey turned to me and said, "I've seen this movie, here's where Mel Gibson comes in."

    I have no idea what possesses someone to enter into trench warfare with cops in riot gear and tear gas guns. I mean, I'm all for revolution, but wake me when there's something worth resisting. Fenway Park is a rat-infested, crumbling mess (with charm), why would you mount a charge for it like it was Fort Sumner?

    And if the cops really wanted a good weapon, why not bring back the firehoses? Or does that cojure up too many bad images? Tear gas sounds like fireworks, and people like fireworks. I thought someone was setting off a display and boy was I suprised when I peeked my head around a corner to see masses of people running towards me (away from the fireworks no less) followed by a quickly advancing envelope of green smoke.

    Why no firehoses? Especially last night, an October night in Boston, you wouldn't even need any pressure. Just a fine mist would do. That would send the culprits running back to the holes (dorms) they crawled out of, shivering all the way.

    I saw some moron get arrested for knocking over a mailbox. I'm not sure how high ripping out a mailbox is on on his list of things to do in a riot. It's not very high on mine, but at least he can die happy. Other than that, it was good times had by all. Plenty of chanting, plenty of woo-woo'ing, and more than anything, plenty of pure happiness. It's something these fans have never felt, and its something they deserved.

    There was a game last night?
    One thing that is getting to me a little on this glorious day after is listening to the recaps of the World Series. The general sentiment today about the Cardinals is summed up nicely over at Redbird Nation,
    ....it was like the Cards were throwing the World Series, but they were really bad actors and forgot to make it look like they were trying.
    This popular sentiment conveniently ignores something that keeps getting glossed over. I hear a lot about how the Cardinals lost the series, but suprisingly less about how well the Red Sox played. The Cardinals pitching did not lose the series, they pitched about as well as they should have hoped for. Throw that staff up against the best offense in baseball and if they hold them to 11, 6, 4, and 3 runs, you ought to be ecstatic. You've got a chance at 3 of 4.

    This series was won by the Red Sox, not lost by the Cardinals, and the Red Sox pitchers really made the difference. Schilling, Pedro, Lowe, Foulke. Good enough to shut down a scary but top-heavy Cardinal lineup. The Cardinal pitching was good, but not great enough to shut down the scary and well balanced Red Sox lineup. That was the difference.

    The great thing about this Red Sox team is that everyone on the 25-man roster had a part in this win. Without Dave Roberts, without Pokey Reese, without Kevin Youkilis, the Red Sox aren't in the playoffs and/or they don't win the World Series. Maybe that is true for any team that wins, maybe not. I don't care, all I can think about was how good this team was, we're talking about the Red Sox here.